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At age five, Stephanie Nolasco would observe her Washington Heights neighborhood, create zines with stories about her observations, and then sell them for 50 cents on her building stoop. Since then, her passion for writing stories and sharing them continues to grow. Today, she's viewed as one of the "most ambitious writers in New York City" by veteran reporters. However, Stephanie feels her writing career has only begun.

Before interning at some of New York City's top publications, Stephanie was involved in various prestigious writing programs to further nurture her childhood love. In 2002, she was one of 19 selected for The Stringers Program, part of Camp Broadway and Columbia University. That same year, she won a scholarship to participate in writing workshops at the Academy of American Poets where she composed poetry and critiqued other works with peers. Then in 2003, she was chosen to attend The Princeton University Summer Journalism Program, an intensive seminar taught by editors and reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Yorker, among others.

In 2008, Stephanie graduated from The New School in New York City. During her student years, she concentrated in journalism and creative non-fiction writing with the help of influential professors and mentors, including former Rolling Stone critic Greil Marcus, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Margo Jefferson, and Richard Burgheim, one of the founders of People Magazine. Stephanie held six challenging internships with notable magazines, newspapers, and online publications throughout the city, including New York Press, Latina, and The New York Observer. She impressed editors by pitching over 100 story ideas, creating a publicity database with over 1,000 contacts, and interviewing politicians, rock stars, fashion designers, entertainers, and community leaders for memorable stories. However, one of her greatest accomplishments was sitting down with professional editors and learning valuable tips that continue to shape her writing.

For three years, Stephanie served as the Content Manager for nocheLatina, the premier online destination for Latin entertainment. Today, she continues to freelance for numerous magazines, newspapers, and online publications throughout the country, where she writes about everything, including celebrities, metal bands, gadgets, five-star restaurants, Coney Island's controversial renovations, the neo-burlesque movement, and much more. Previously, she was an International Correspondent for London's Chic Today where she covered the best in fashion worldwide.

Stephanie continues to develop relationships with editors and is always open to work on new projects. She was on the Advisory Board of Girls Write Now, Inc., New York City's premier creative writing and mentoring organization for high school girls. She also participated in Options, part of the Goddard Riverside Community Center where students from low-income households are guided into achieving college degrees. Currently, she is a contributor for Fox News Latino where she previously served as their Health Editor.

Recognized as a passionate writer and New Yorker who yearns to provide a voice to all, Stephanie will stop at nothing to continue investigating stories that educate, entertain, and inspire readers.

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